Rachel Labbé-Bellas, MSc
Biologist, M.Sc. student - Ecology Graduate Program - Universidade Federal de Santa
Catarina (UFSC). Most interested in community structure, animal behaviour and
marine conservation. | Lattes/CNPq


1. Sea Urchins and their role in coastal rocky reef communities at Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Bióloga, Mestranda do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ecologia/UFSC.  Principais áreas
de interesse: estrutura de comunidades, comportamento animal e conservação marinha.

Ouriços-do-mar e suas funções ecológicas em recifes rochosos na costa de Santa Catarina,



I am born in Montreal, Canada and a former biology graduate from Mcgill University in 2008. This year I decided to make my way
south to realize my dream of working with Marine Ecosystems. It is a mixture of being a swimmer and a passion for the ocean that
brought me this far. After conducting marine internships around the world (and surfing the best waves), I made my way to the
Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina for its prestigious reputation in upcoming marine research. For my Msc, I am interested in
assessing the presence and functional importance of Echinoderms along the rocky reefs in Santa Catarina. I will be researching Sea
Urchin Herbivory and highlighting their key roles in the Fish-Sea Urchin-Algae paradigm.